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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Exporting Data with the SELECT … INTO OUTFILE Statement

Berikut syntax untuk membatu dalam melakukan dump database, tetapi kita dapat menentukan field-filed yg kita butuhkan, dengan menggunakan SELECT dengan INTO OUTFILE output_file. Ikuti langkah berikut ini untuk mengexport table data_tbl ke dalam file data.txt. mysql> SELECT * FROM data_tbl -> INTO OUTFILE ‘/tmp/data.txt’; Output dari perintah diatas akan membuat file /tmp/data.txt. Jika ingin outpunya … Continue reading »

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Linux Output Display via Console RS232

In the office now being POC avocent for ACS products, which supposedly he can capture the output from linux. After reading read the documentation of the Linux-Serial finally found it, how to make Linux not just to the monitor output (VGA Card) but via RS232 Console (ttyS0). 1. Make sure your system support serial port. … Continue reading »

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Remove MySQL Binary Log Files Eating Lots of Disk Space

By default, MySQL 5.0 and above enables MySQL Binary Log. Keeping MySQL Binary Log might take up a lot of disk space for long run. Older MySQL Binary log can be removed in order to keep your hard disk space free. MySQL Binary Log stores query event such as add, delete and update in a … Continue reading »

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